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cOAlition S is monitoring developments in the Open Science landscape and is seeking feedback from the research community about their experiences when publishing according to the principles of Plan S. This updated version of the impact survey seeks to gather specific data from the research community about their publishing practices, experiences with publishers and their thoughts on impact concerning career progression. Feedback is anonymous and data gathered will be used to improve user experience.  


1.1. Are you in receipt of funding from an organisation which has implemented a Plan S-aligned Open Access policy?  Required
b.1.b. Which Plan S organisations do you receive grant funding from?

Please select between 1 and 10 answers.

3.3. How would you describe yourself, professionally? (What is your job role) Required

* Typically, a researcher who is within 8 years of the award of their PhD and transitioning towards independence, is defined as an Early Career Researcher.

4.4. Have you submitted any research papers for publication in 2021 or 2022?  Required
a.4.a. Have you found a Plan S compliant route to publish Open Access?
i.4.a.i. Why not?
ii.4.a.ii. Which routes have you used?
iii.4.a.iii. What was your experience of the submission process? Please choose one statement that applies to you 

If you have submitted more than one research paper for publication during 2021/22 you may wish to use this last option to describe your experiences, with reference to those above.

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

a.4.a.iii.a. Please choose if you agree or disagree with the statements below:
My institution / library provided adequate support for me to be compliant with my funder's Plan S-aligned Open Access Policy
My funder(s) provided sufficient guidance on their Plan S-aligned Open Access Policy
The cOAlition S website provided good resources to support me in being compliant.
b.4.b. Since January 2021, have any of your published research papers been embargoed (behind a paywall) for any period of time? 
5.5. Are you aware of the Rights Retention Strategy (RRS)?  Required
  • The Rights Retention Strategy (RRS) ensures that researchers who have been funded by a cOAlition S Organisation can retain the rights to use their own work as they wish, and will always be able to honour their funders’ Open Access (OA) policy.

  • This is achieved by requiring researchers to inform publishers, that an Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) arising from their submission, carries a CC BY licence, in accordance with their grant conditions. They do this simply by including a set wording, supplied by their funder, in their submission.

  • 4 things you should know about the Rights Retention Strategy (RRS)  Blog Post (includes example RRS wording)  

a.5.a. Have you submitted a research paper for publication which included Rights Retention wording?
i.5.a.i. What happened when you did this? Please select one statement which best describes your experience
ii.5.a.ii. Why not? Please select one of the following statements which best describes your experience:
6.6. Do you believe that publishing your research findings in line with Plan S will have an impact on your career trajectory?  Required
a.6.a. Please select the option which best supports your response: 

Your answer should be no more than 500 characters long.