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What is the Planning for Coronavirus Community?

This is a community led space for Jisc members responsible for ensuring organisational continuity given the current coronavirus situation. It's here for you to share your concerns and emerging best practice with people in similar positions.

IMPORTANT NOTE - 24/03/2020

The community site has been open for over 2 weeks. Unsurprisingly, the response rate has been high. We've decided to move into Phase 2 now the site is established and to enable us to do that we are going to pause accepting new members.

Your request to join will still be recorded but it may be some time before you receive your confirmation invite. We apologise if this causes you any invconvenience.

You can still access Jisc's main Coronavirus site at for our latest advice and guidance.

Who can join?

This community is open to anyone who is an employee of a Jisc member organisation

Privacy Notice

By providing information to this community you agree that you have asked us (Jisc)  to process it as described in our standard privacy notice (at You may instruct us to stop processing it at any time by removing yourself from the Microsoft Team. You will also be removed from this database. Until then, we’ll use it only to ensure you have access to the relevant Teams community.

We will use this email address to register you on the community. Please ensure this is your work email address. We use it to make sure community participants are from Jisc member organisations only

Important note about emails

In some institutions you'll use a different email address to login into your network from the one you give out to people. For example, I might login as, not which is an "alias". Because of the way Teams works, you need to give us the one you login to your network as!


Please contact